Lavender Growing, Bees Buzzing, Butterflies Flying…

Lavender Fields Forever

Lavender is a typical Mediterranean plant. You can see it in peoples gardens, city parks or in lavender fields on countryside. The colour of flowers is well known light purple and the leaves are gray green. It grows in bushes and can be up to 1,20 m tall. Lavender always remindes me of bees buzzing and butterflies flying ‘cause there is often sth near enjoying the smell or sucking the nectar. Unlike people, bees and butterflies, the mosquitos don’t like it’s scent, so they don’t stick around. And that’s why I love to be around lavender… delightful fragrance and no mosquitos! 🙂

Romans knew Stuff

In ancient Rome large baths and thermaes were places where people use to enjoy, bath and socialize. The Romans use to wash themselves in fragrant baths in which they use to add lavender oil. And that’s where the name lavender comes from, italian “lavare” means “to wash”. Lavender was also used in ancient medicine as a herbal remedy for breathing problems, irritability, digestion and other difficulties.  


Today we harvested our lavender bushes. We only have a dozen of them but enough for our needs. It’s important that a few days before the harvest it hasn’t rain ‘cause the flowers must be dry. If you are making lavender oil, with more sun, the quality will be better. The best time to harvest is when the buds have formed on the plant but before the flowers have opened. In that way we maintain high aroma and colour much longer. It’s good to prune lavender plants twice in the growing season to define and repair their shape.

Drying and Using Lavender Flowers

After the harvest, we will dry the lavender bunches hanging it upside down in a dry and shady place. It’s important to make sure there is enough air circulation. Flowers should be fully dry in a couple of weeks and then you can use them however you want. You can make lavender oil, fill little bags with dried flowers and maintain your closets and drawers fresh and aromatic or simply decorate your home with this magical plant.

There is always some lavender in my home; vases are full of flowers, candles are spreading oil scent and closets are hiding little aromatic bags. Every now and then, when I pass by the bouquet I just squeeze it a little to release of the powerful fragrance and I find myself in the middle of the lavender field…


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