If you live on the Mediterranian this things probably sound familiar: reading a book under a pine tree, catching fish, picking olives, having a natural lemon in your garden, eating seafood and drinking good wine.

This blog is all about Istria and mediterranean lifestyle… sea adventures, tasty food and relaxed living. We are two sisters and we’ll share our life adventures with you!

We hope you’ll like it!

Gioia: 🐾 I’m a dog lover (obsessed with weimaraners) 🐾 ~ runner (although not veryadvanced) ~ amateur potter ~ I ♡ sailing ⛵ ~ and I cook healthy now and then.

Pelagia: I’m a Mediterranean girl (sea – sun – salt) ☀ ~ my house is surrounded with
lavender and rosemary ~ I ♡ cooking and baking ~ I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my
list  ~ my dog thinks I’m the best! 🐾