My Weim

I own a Weimaraner. She’s 4 years old now and she’s a loving member of our family.

Weimaraners were originally bred as gundogs to handle big game like deer and bear in their native Germany, but today people keep them as hunting dogs but also as a family friend.

Pepa, that’s her name, was never a hunting dog but from the time she was still a puppy she showed some “symptoms” of hunters like raising one of her front legs when waiting to toss her a stick 🙂 That was so cute!

Now, as a 4 year old dog, she is obsessed with balls. She plays with her ball most of the day. She has several of them, they’re everywhere. And the funny thing is that she actually tosses the ball to us and to other dogs. 🙂

She keeps the ball in her mouth and plays with it a little bit and then she slowly positions the ball on the floor and gently gives it a little push with her nose towards us. And then she waits. Or sometimes she even tosses the ball with her mouth.

And then she takes a concentrated pose waiting for someone to try to take the ball, focusing her eyes on the ball all the time with an absent look.

She can spend hours playing like this around the house.

Dogs make our lives better.

This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting.

Olive Tree By the Sea - Weimaraner
Pepa, the weimaraner, pushing her ball with her nose
Olive Tree By the Sea - Weimaraner
Pepa posing for a photo
Olive Tree By the Sea - Weimaraner
Pepa, the weimaraner, with Rasa river in the backgrounds. Focused and waiting because I am holding a stick in my hand.

Weimaraner in the "hunting pose"



Running Weimaraner
Running Weimaraner


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