Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak

Grilled Tuna Steak Recipe

My sister and I went on the fish market on Saturday morning because we wanted to buy some bonito fish but there weren’t any so we ended up buying tuna steaks. The fish stand where we bought the tuna was amazing, so colorful and fresh!

Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak

Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak
A colorful fish stand in the Labin Fish Market

While we were there we also bought some vegetables for the salad and side dish. The market was full of fresh vegetables sold by peasants who grow them at home.

Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak
Covered market in Labin (Istria, Croatia)

Now back to tuna…

The fish lady took an electric saw and cut 5 steaks (1.5 cm/ 0.6 in thick). Tuna steaks can be cut on thicker or thinner slices, depending how you like them. I prefer them thicker. If they are too thin then it’s very easy to overdo them. 

She also gave us a few tips on how to prepare it.
Don’t salt the tuna steak

She said that it’s better not to put any salt because sometimes tuna is already so salty that it will be too much. And if it’s not you can always add salt later, on the plate. Just sprinkle them with a little olive oil before grilling them and that’s it.

This was an excellent advice. The steaks were so salty that we would have ruined them if we added any.

Only few minutes on each side

The lady said only 2 minutes on each side. We prepared them on a stainless steel plate on low fire and since the steaks seemed quite thick we left them 4 minutes on each side and in the end the meat was light pink, so soft and melting. If you like it more rare, you can take them off after 2 or 3 minutes.

Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak


Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak

We served the tuna with green beans salad and potato with sea fennel.

Olive Tree By the Sea - Tuna Steak

I only added lemon juice on the plate while the others added a mix of garlic and parsley.

Tuna steaks go well with Kozlovic Malvazija from Momjan (Istria, Croatia).

This was the best tuna we’ve ever had! 🙂

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