Washing the Dishes On the Boat

When you spend more than just a few days on the boat (except if you own a yacht with service) you will probably start feeling like you live in the middle age.

Every little task that is easy and normal at home, on the boat is complicated.

Water is essential! Normal family sailboats usually have 100-200 liter water tanks so you must save water!

This means you don’t use fresh water for showering. No sir, you clean yourself with sea water, then jump in the sea to take the shampoo and shower gel off, and you only do a quick fresh water shower in the end.

The same goes for the dishes. Dishes can get very dirty while cooking on the boat because you often prepare barbecues, fish dishes, a lot of grease… So dishes are very often washed in the sea, and only showered with fresh water at the end in order to avoid corrosion.

The lucky ones have a sink that have both fresh and salty water but most of us just wash the dishes crouching down at the stern. Not a really comfortable position 🙂


Sometimes you only shower metal dishes like pots or cutlery. Plastics are usually left salty.

I can still remember the taste of drinking coffee from a salty cup :)) The taste of our family cruises 🙂


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