Always Check the Weather Forecast, but Expect a Storm

Yesterday we suddenly decided to spent a night on the boat. It was weekend, a sunny hot Saturday so we agreed to go after lunch. Two girls on a sailboat. After swimming and some driving around Rasa estuary we anchored in a small bay.
We drank some wine, cooked dinner, posted some nice shots on the internet and went to sleep.
At 3 AM the storm started and the waves woke us up. We noticed that we are closer to the shore but that’s normal. Because usually when you toss the anchor part of the chain falls on a pile at the bottom of the sea and when the wind starts, the chain stretches. Anchoring rule for the length of the chain is 3 time depth at the anchoring point (3:1).
It was very windy and we immediately started to check the anchor, the depth of the sea and the weather forecast.
We panic a little ’cause we noticed that our anchor light doesn’t function and that little by little we are closer to the shore. So we decided to turn on the engine just in case, ’cause we weren’t sure that the anchor is holding us. For one whole hour the engine was working and we were trying to keep the boat in place. It was night and despite the fool moon the visibility was low so it wasn’t safe to move. Around 4.30 AM the wind calmed down a little and we could finely rest. Still, we didn’t went to sleep, we waited the dawn.
The next morning was so calm and beautiful. As if it was only a dream…
Lesson learned! When on sea, never fully relax and always sleep with one eye open. If you drop your guard, you are screwed.
Salute to all sailors! Check the weather forecast but always expect a storm!
P.S. – We don’t have any photo of the storm ’cause we had much important things to do than taking shots..

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